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Pedo Boys



Related article: Date : Fri, April 23, 2010 14 01. 42 -0700 Toplist Statistika ( PDT ) From: Jason Gardham u003cgardham1 yahoo. com u003e Subject: " Ben and Me" Chapter 22 author: J. Gardham gardham1 yahoo. com ~ ~ V This story is fiction, as are the characters, if you think he sees himself Toplist Statistika in this story, the cold, as long as everyone remembers is that there is nothing a This story is not pure fantasy. " Benjamin and I " Chapter 22 The ranch was soon bustling with activity, everyone was excited, have resolved to Benjamin Arnold and his team served and expect boys Breakfast until the boys in his apartment. The creation of Arnold and his men feel comfortable and relaxed, the main objective of the day. They had obviously been through a lot in recent years y had everything we had worked hard to lose. This would be Toplist Statistika a new starts for them without the worry or pressure. Thomas discreetly that make sure no one was under pressure from Arnold to pay old debts. It looked like a caravan, when pto the motel, Arnold and Ulled Kentucky, were out to pack things in their trucks, while Mike, Jerry, Walt and prepared a piece of heavy equipment of the behind the motel. Arnold and shook Kentucky got off, as in n "What on Earth is based on, we have much to move. " The boys jumped out of his truck and wave when she cried good morning to them. Thomas said, " we are all very excited to have access to Live ranch with us and everyone wanted to see what they could do to help. " " To be honest, Thomas I'm still a little nervous about moving in with you, , which are more or less penniless, and I feel guilty moving to his beautiful home on the financial situation I'm in ". " without money? " "How can you say you're poor, if now on, says This document is worthy of his quarter of a million dollars? " "n Thomas what the hell are you talking about, I'm happy quarter have much less than a quarter of a million people. " with abig smile on his face, handed the paper to Thomas Arnold. Arnold glanced back and stumbled Kentucky 's hand reached out and grabbed him. " Arnold, are you okay, what happened ? " Arnold sat on the step in front of his motel room and put his face in your hands. Kentucky, was beside himself with worry. " Thomas, what is wrong, someone tell me what's going on ? " Kentucky Arnold presented the check for $ 250 000 that Thomas had joined an agreement Arnold for the company build the hut. Kentucky, sat down with a thud and lay beside Arnold his arm around the shoulders of Arnold. He saw a smile on Thomas, but the tears filled his eyes. Jerry Thomas asked if he was everywhere on the ranch, sat his students and looked at Arnold and Kentucky, asked, "What happened ? " Arnold Jerry looked at him and said, " Nothing went wrong Jerry " as he was up and went to Thomas and hugged him. "Tom, what are you doing da mand this box if we have not even broke ground ? " Looking innocent Thomas said : " I know that Arnold and this building is seven over a million homes go, this is not enough for you begun, I will write another check now if that's what it takes to Toplist Statistika the ball rolling. " " Thomas, you very well know that there are more than enough, no way on Earth I'm always in a position back to you for your kindness. " to Kentucky his arms around the neck of Arnold and kissed him. " What we say Thank you, and then the best possible job for them, and Thomas wonderful men here " Benjamin Thomas was back with his arms around her waist, leaning chin on my shoulder whispers Thomas. "Dear Tom, how I love you, " before, and shouted, " What should we expect Ken, Alan and I have to prepare a big breakfast n to even out `s leadership. " went to Dave Thomas, with a devilish look in her eyes and kissed him on the the cheek in the appearance of Arnold and Kentucky, said," Do you remember Jonathan and Sparkle tell he was a wizard ? " laughing at Kentucky, said : " Yes, do not worry, but which we seriously, " So Dave said, " Sparkle and Jonathan, we know you 're here, you may be. n is also shown. " Benjamin and Thomas cried so much," not now! " it was too late, with the blink of an eye it was Jonathan and Sparkle with a big smile on her pretty face. Kentucky in his pants and stood Arnold there with his mouth open Jerry, who had been standing there just said. "Wow, that's great, so we really are wizards. " \\ \\ n Arnold found his voice and said : "Kentucky you may want to favor pants " Mike and Walt, who had observed the whole scene, said : " Yes, it does. No I think these guys are in the water of Kentucky and not " return said something about the calm of Kentucky. " why not, but surely not in the middle of a parking a motel, I will be returned as soon as I changed ". --------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- Back to business Jerry Thomas said he had all kinds of space to its degree, we will show if you get there. Brad and Gavin asked what they could carry in the truck to help, and things were moving again with everything that moved in one trip. if as they hit the farm of Benjamin and the boys began a huge breakfast for a s heck of a lot of very hungry men. The degree is not placed in any way helped to to take the children's belongings in their new apartment. Walt and Mike saw around and whistled, "Man, this is a manor house, this apartment is larger than n many houses we have lived. " Kentucky and Jerry opened the pantry to put some things and found full of everything that anyone ever thought. Arnold opened the fridge y found the same thing. Jerry said, " for crying out loud How can you not love these guys, who have thought about everything. " sat on one of the beautiful leather armchairs Arnold said : " Well, you can bet that they will build the best built homes I've been ". n Kentucky and the others agree. " This is the best we have ever done" Almost Sparkle then came to tell you that breakfast was ready, "come and to arrive before eating anything. " breakfast was great, as always with a lot of fresh fruit and cereal to keep these guys healthy and thin. Arnold, Kentucky, and the other newly arrivals were so surprised to see a many of the boys naked, but there was to know a pleasant and relaxing, no one was shy. After breakfast, Alan and Ken began to clean Walt and Mike began selecting and courts continue to the kitchen states ask where they should. Ken said, "there are three large washers on the wall next to the large sink, if you do not mind just rinse and put them there, " Alan. " You do not, help, that's our job to go"Said Mike. " Bathroom with any other, we help them, not much to do for both of you, work n 'll be together twice as fast. " Said Benjamin spy on the conversation, you know that s right is really too much for both of you, thanks for the help guys. " There is Benjamin, we are happy to do so. " " You know, I could use some help in the kitchen, I will speak of Thomas, for example, " said to Walt. " Here's a Mike Benjamin wonderful chef he will not speak of own, but I want that man is a marvel in the kitchen. " " No kidding, do not you mind helping in the kitchen, Mike, if we can Arnold to stop leaving work an hour before lunch and dinner. " ". Toplist Statistika in fact, Benjamin 's what I did for the IT team anyway, I 'm not much of the in construction, but you can beat very good meals " Walt said," Benjamin is much too modest, Mike is a whiz in the kitchen. " Benjamin looked at Mike and said, " we will meet here at 11:30 hours andserve to the guy is a great lunch, when evil with you "s. With a shy smile, said Mike, " Benjamin would be my pleasure, I'll be here a clock at 11:30 o'clock. " " Great now we get to the pool with the other kids. "Benjamin, Ken, Alan, Walt, and Mike has done in the pool to see a lot of very nice naked men with a bang, and he stripped and dived in Kentucky, Thomas swam up and put his arm around the waist, Thomas, "Thomas This is the. happier and more relaxed than I've seen Arnold in two years "I I love him, you have no idea what you've done for me, and Arnold,". "For me to see him so happy is a dream come true. " "Kentucky 's mission all on this ranch, bringing people a place in their lives where they understand that there are others who love \\ \\ n without judgment or criticism, as they are, what they are. "" the longer you are with us, you will notice, there is much more to life as the physical world in which we live. " " Thomas, whoArnold group we all love each other completely, and , but we are an isolated part of the gay community. " " It's kind of as gay, not that part of the gay world. " " None of this, probably no sense to you, I'm not very good at explaining that " s. " of Kentucky, it makes sense to me and to all who live here. " " We in the world, including gay society, however, are not truly a part of each of n it. " " Most people have no idea where we came from, but the Angels , and interact sometimes find ourselves on our level, Discover how time flies. " ", my angel to come here and really talk to them? " " Yes, that's exactly what happened, but I can give you more information then you want to know at this time. " " My God, no, Thomas is all so interesting and want to become part of a s what " s become. " Are a part of Kentucky that are a part of it , which are the other part of it, , it will take some timefor everything that falls into place, but during our talk on the balcony above, we will try to complete past adventures as a time happens. " n " I can not wait for their listening adventure, this is so exciting, none of us has a lot of sleep the night before just to think about boys. " Kentucky tilted a kiss on the lips Thomas said : " We are so excited for you to join our family of Kentucky. " at the time, Gordon swam between his legs and sucked Tom's cock in the mouth of his s. Kentucky was just a little kiss and a surprise Thomas View swim one of the guys and start sucking cock Thomas reality was surprised. watching what happened in Kentucky, was the hard rock seconds. Before I could tell Bill was between her legs, Toplist Statistika pulling her No nuts and sucks cock in her throat. Thomas saw the look of astonishment on his face Kentucky, winked when he said " if if Rome " n. "It has to be used in Kentucky, which was filled with love for all each other and sex happens when you places, just enjoy. "" Everyone wants to feel welcome and you all just know that you are in people who love you. " At the time, Ken slipped over the shoulder of Thomas from the edge of the pool leaning Thomas kissed the top of your head. Dave wrapped his Kentucky legs around of his chest as he sat behind him on the edge. the basin y bent to kiss on the lips around Kentucky Dave said, "kids see that Pope is on the high board, " nod in Kentucky, Thomas said, " you will not believe. how this type can dip and swimming. " still a bit of a hard time even sleep with his dick sucked Bill s and pulled his nuts, Kentucky asked what spark and Jonathan are doing permanent Toplist Statistika behind him. " you never know, Kentucky, but you can bet they have something spectacular planned ". suddenly the spark and Jonathan ran each side, as they jumped in wagon wheel, apparently, on a triple somersault somersault before Jonathan and Sparkle being done separately and the threeto beat the water while doing little wave. Bill had been in the air just in time to see how he turned and bent Kentucky maneuver against the hard tail to his bubble butt and back on n it. Everyone clapped and shouted when Darin, Sparkle, and Jonathan left the the water. Kentucky, looked and saw the love of his life, Alan Arnold kiss wrapped his legs around his waist as Sam Arnold took out under water. The expression on the face of Arnold is one of total disbelief to laugh at that caused Kentucky. Would you like Thomas, said : "I think I surprised the only is the familiarity of all present. " laughs with Kentucky, said Thomas, damn I wish I had a camera, Arnold seems that somewhere between Toplist Statistika terror and paradise. Walt, Jerry and Mike, who seemed to have made ​​you feel comfortable with Brad Gavin , and therefore mutual sucking, nipple play, black kiss, and kissing rid of them. n Arnold got a job in itself fREE and swam to Kentucky and Thomas with a rather silly smile on his handsome face. " Well, that was shocking and wonderful at Toplist Statistika the same time. " " Yes, we have Toplist Statistika the kind of expression from the amazing and wonderful in the of his face. " " Thomas and I only wish I had a camera to save posterity. " " Thank God I do not think I could get the joke would expose me to the rest of my life. " Toplist Statistika "Tom, this is something I had never experienced E n beyond our own small group. " The comfort and familiarity all that is wonderful, I'll give my cage a little shook, but still \\ \\ n wonderful and I feel like they `re really welcome your family. " Kentucky, agreed, as he added : " Yes, the love that radiates from everyone here inclusive. Apparently, for those of us who were not a the opening in your circle of unconditional love is an almost spiritual osmosis n for an easy transition, since we are an intricate part of it becomes special family. " Thomas replied, smiling,"It's because we are all here, otherwise it would be not, as he did. " Ten months later and the block was completed and as a way of to thank Thomas and the other for his kindness, Arnold and the boys added a note particular, before it all ends with the product. Each marble floors in the entrance hall there is a representation of another , embedded in the center of the track. That was Toplist Statistika amazing in itself, but consider the surprise when Thomas and the other was in the lobby of the first apartment and saw the Archangel Michael looked at them. Thomas, Benjamin and some of the others could see the angels, in total, " Michael" " Michael? " " Yes, that is a perfect representation of the Archangel Michael. " " Thomas, there must be a coincidence, designed Walt cutting each marble angel and in forms of individual angels before the load on the Foyer floors ". " He sat at the table and pulled out by hand Each angel is exactly what came out of his imagination. " " It's like you all saw the angel appears right away, do you have actually saw the Archangel Michael? " " Arnold, Michael not only had been here with us, but has saved us from harm several occasions, trust us when we know what we say, see Michael please. " " I hope that Thomas, who is so hard to imagine, to meet an angel, is I think that gives me goose bumps just that. " Said Gavin," let's go see the other angels designed Walt and see if recognized one of them Michael " apartment of two. " "A n Homes. "Rafael. " apartment three, " Magallanes ". four planes, Toplist Statistika " Augustine. " flat for five years, " Daniel ". flat six , "Muriel. " flat seven, "Jacques. " Thomas, Benjamin, and most of the group to meet with the angels had tears in their eyes the beauty of the exceptional work Toplist Statistika of Walt. Walt only I was surprised I could have donereal angel without seeing one. Bill and Dave came along with Thomas and Benjamin, "Obviously, these people have has brought to us by Thomas, the Angels have already reached or Walt could not have created these images. " " I agree with Bill, it seems, if I think I have everything I experienced before discover how wrong I am and the pursuit of this remarkable and beautiful similarities is certainly a surprise. " Toplist Statistika as for Arnold, Kentucky, Mike, Jerry and Walt Thomas said : " I have a feeling , we will visit some of these angels will soon have the must be a reason Walt was given pictures of her while working. " ", Bill said, "Arnold, I have gone through the apartments and are incredible, each finished to perfection " \\ \\ n Each visited the barracks and marveled at the workmanship, which was. n done. they did not seem to thank Arnold and his team enough. Robin suggested a glass of champagne by the great work of the boys had made, and all that Headed in the direction of the farm - house and the balcony on the second floor of the glass of champagne and a few stories about his adventures. home About halfway through a door and appeared resplendent in all the n stopped. Jerry asked if the angels came and said Benjamin this is not probably Ermer gold, is a magician. Golden Time Ermer walked in the Toplist Statistika door, arms by Thomas n to him and gave him a hug of welcome. Thomas said with a smile, "Gold Ermer, I I hope it's a pleasure to visit and there is another war. " " There 's always a pleasure to see you all, and no war at.... yet, but I have a problem. " Bill Ermer and David went to Gold, which usually meant they knew to get rid of something, where help was needed. Gold Ermer went on to say Toplist Statistika : "You all remind us Manilon who have come to ask for all your help in the fight against the dark wizard. " " Yes, of course , think about it. " Looking deeply concerned Ermer said gold was missing and Manilon afraid that somehow has dark wizardd managed to catch him. Thomas asked how it could happen, "he thought, that were destroyed by The purple ring of fire that came from Dave and Bill. " " Yes Tom, that were destroyed in our hemisphere, but the Dark Wizard from the Far East have been doing in the wings to hurt me, and have had success , beyond your wildest dreams. " Gold Ermer collapsed Sparkle on the ground as Jonathan and rushed to help him. Thomas Toplist Statistika Ermer reach gold and brought it home to put gently on the couch. Said of Sparkle Thomas, " Do not you see, are physically injured, you know what's going on " Jonathan knelt and touched the gold against Ermer as he said : " Manilon is gold Partners Remer Thomas did, that have been around for more than lovers of 6-100 years, all the while never lowering hurt each other. "" the pain should be felt Ermer gold than anything you can imagine that he knows will use What methods of torture, the dark Wizard can call for Manilon Ermer gold for help. ""Gold Ermer Manilon knows he will die before attracting a Ermer of gold in the trap. " Standing near Thomas suggested that Bill and Dave, it's time to be that went on the Toplist Statistika offensive against the dark wizard, instead of always responding defense, his murder and manslaughter. All that was agreed in battles with the dark wizard. Thomas Sparkle Jonathan and asked Toplist Statistika if they could act as their leader in a plan that was the dark wizard in the world into chaos. Gold Ermer had regained his composure and went on to say his opinion, that the white Wizards had never been in his presence on the offensive, but it always managed to block plans dark magician and send them to escape. In an interview with a voice strong and firm, Thomas said, " it's time gold Ermer destroy Dark Magician 's strengths and their camps , as they sought to destroy. " Sparkle said : "Thomas, we own defense, but I'm afraid we have planned an aggressive attack on aYone. "Said the n Jeremy Gordon, Luke, Sam, Arnold and others, who immediately plenty n experience planning offensive attacks against their enemies, and agree this is the perfect time to shake some cages to be. n Sparkle view on gold Ermer said, "we will save Manilon ". "Jonathan I can provide protective shields for everyone here, we need to the permit is to move some of its most powerful wizard enable us to fight, along with Thomas and his men to do " s. for the first time the gold seemed to Ermer hope in the eyes, "I with you, I know enough attendees may be here to protect our actions, and I'm four of my best magicians sent to Berlin to watch Thomas property n. " Sparkle sub and Jonathan 's hands, gold trance Ermer entered in moments that tears filled his eyes opened," I have Manilon is that I know where is " Thomas Toplist Statistika took the golden hands when Ermer said. " You do not see it that way ? " " Yes, Tom, who is near death and was almost unrbeen ecognizable is so terrible "tortured Pulling Ermer gold in an embrace, Thomas said. " Gold Ermer, we are relying on each orientation a this successful rescue and of course we must go forward You can quickly send a message that help was on Manilon it `s way ? " ", I tried to Thomas, but I'm not sure if he got my message, I did not see all that in your eyes, let me know if he understood or not. " Dave said :" Gold Bill Ermer and I followed his mind - link called a Manilon going to touch your soul and you need to know, was a directly from us, as he said, " Tell him I love him Ermer gold. " with renewed Toplist Statistika vigor Ermer golden door to the dark kingdom of the great magician opened enough to drive a tank through....... With a blinding flash of light appeared, Augustine and Daniel..... "Hold kids are not going anywhere without us. " Walt said, " Augustine and Daniel. " As for Walt, the angel said " good job with its masterpiece of Walt, his the screen is perfect for our part, if not flattering. " Wal was standing there with a very stupid, muttering : "It Angels really are. " smiling Walt, Daniel, I went on to explain that Muriel had sent troops angels dark wizard in the empire in the world that are available and can be can be protected in this mission they can. As for gold Ermer, Daniel said : "Michael has empowered Manilon Ermer hold until you save gold, but we must act now. " Before anyone knew what was happening were in the Far East regions empire of the Dark Wizards. Ermer gold had invisibility shields around them, and Augustine, and each of them gives angelic swords to use against the dark wizard. As for Kentucky, Arnold was asked if he would wet his pants. Toplist Statistika " Aaaaah... well maybe this is very exciting Arnold, and you know what if I get excited. " mocking Arnold said, " Remember me to buy some diapers when this is over. " Arnold give a nod of his own Kentucky, said : "Kinky ". Arnold adds, laughing : "ItOkay, baby, before this is over I can wet my s own....... The angels, magicians, secret areas, battles, swords invisible only appeared in our hands, this is more exciting than Kentucky, "said Kentucky: I've always had a sword, but I think we learn fast. Daniel smiled as he said, "only used to remove the head, while battles. " Arnold, though a bit too weak to hear, know that " These are not really for the Kentucky assistant, who are easy to kill a are for the use of demons to battle. " " demons. " N " Yes, nothing can stop waving a sword of English, as is so make sure you know, what " s. "swing Daniel, what do you mean, nothing can stop a sword angel? " " I'm going to change that statement is just another sword, the angel - as is not important what a devil can be used against him, his sword cutting thought ". " Remember, the demons know who will come to you two three at a time when you need to act quickly and be decisive, not seconds thought his decision to go alone with her. "" A second idea is the last time n be thought. " invisibility Ermer gold crowns to send their best fighters in the set Empire. Dave and Bill have the place Manilon takes place as a localized n and have managed to maintain a mental connection open for him to make you aware of that s it. Michael has continued to send additional forces to keep Manilon account. Thomas and his men have surrounded the building and are ready charged to Bill Thomas said to wait. "Dave and I will go away soon in your opinion, will be safe, but calculated from to us. " " Disappear "," Bill, what are you doing Dave and I would like to know ? " We will teleport into the room with Manilon if in the interior telepathically send the word " now "when you hear that load with everything you have. "Teleport " Thomas began to argue, but Bill and Dave had gone, gave the signal to for his men to keep. WThomas heard the second I enter "now" and that children and the n accused of flying swords. Dark wizards around the building fierce mounted a counterattack, Gold Ermer and his assistants took her off guard and killed dark assistant with a terrible vengeance Ermer golden on top. The dark powers of the wizard completely surprised that they have never had to fend off an attack by the white magician. Thomas Ermer gold and broke, but the forces and entered the dark wizard build at the same time. Thomas, what they found was horrified, Bill and Dave the overwhelming majority of the fight against dark wizards with swords flashing was Daniel decapitate demons as an angel in a whirlwind. You must have been numbered 1240. Jonathan and Sparkle were like a shield Manilon fought with everything he had to protect, and Bill and Dave. Gold Ermer jumped in the air with their strongest men, and met with the head dark wizard , lightning and fireballs flying in Every direction. Arnold, Kentucky, and their husbands were at war as something that once was charged with flying swords and recording heads. St. Augustine was Daniel, was overwhelmed, almost by demons, adding to send another angel flying whirlwind demon leader as loose cannonballs. Thomas struggled with Glen Bill and Dave, Darin, Robin, and Larry. were successful, the demons and wizards give back to Dave and Bill the opportunity to hand in hand, and sent a wave of energy crystalline flames removed immediately, and Dark Wizards demons of its proximity to building. Gold Ermer sent a swirling wind, the ash of the building when it exploded come to keep his beloved Manilon. He could not help but mourn in an uncontrolled manner, as Manilon had suffered. Magellan came and leaned over Manilon blowning the breath of life in the him, as he put his hands on his injuries Manilon healing the body. Brad, Gavin, Jerry, Walt, Mike, Jeremy Gordon, Alan,and Ken came fight in the building like crazy, running it into the - defense. Toplist Statistika St. Augustine and Daniel flew out the door with swords of fire that displaced tens of of dark wizards and demons and which, through the door to see what the hell Benjamin n were accused by the millions. Dave and Bill greeted their husbands to quickly gather in a circle, to force everyone on the team to generate enough power to create a wave of energy strong enough to clean the overwhelming pre - sent that was making gold plate Ermer and white magician had to endure protection. With the help of new members each man took the hand of the man next to him, and who formed a large circle. Dave and Bill raised his arms with his hands is connected, because the other was followed by a wave of energy oversized the head, something that had never happened before. This shaft was Royal blinking blue purple flames, which grew in intensity / Bill and Dave just throw up their handsbefore and shouted, " raise your hand NOW". The energy of the wave over their heads turn as she knelt down and wept by Bill Ermer n Gold and his assistants, who fell to the ground. The white magician once fell, as the blue wave quickly turned and flew faster than the eye can be seen Toplist Statistika through the building and in the cosmos. To listen to terrible screams and cries, before there was nothing, but dead silence. With a flourish of light Michael, Raphael, and Jacque was published in the middle of the meeting in the building. The angel appeared to Toplist Statistika him with open eyes and a little shaken right now. Smiling, Jacque said : "You have the force of waves Energy Watch , some of our own scorched feathers. " Michael, who was about 20 meters high has fallen to the the size of which were just below. "The strength of your love grows, we can only thank you for what you did. " Michael stated that they had their hands full fighting a horde of demonss , which appeared innumerable. We were winning the battle, but were concerned about the is the security of each and every one of you who have joined the fight. Rafael said, "Men, Toplist Statistika if you are serious is serious, with a capital B , and the boys. " As for Dave and Bill to reach about Michael and Walt took her hand and meets in the hands of three men. "Dave and Bill, Walt is one of you, if you go into battle, the three of you must always be in the range other is of vital importance to the safety of all that love. " bill, Walt, Toplist Statistika said Dave, and understand them. " Thomas, I see you have new members, we have been waiting for found and it seems that just did it at the right time. " " The Now is the time for other around the world in order to contact you, you each group has to trust, how to trust others. " Michael put his arm around the shoulders, Walt, as he said, "Walt a good job on these similarities , we are proud of you. " " Thomas, Augustine and Daniel will be with you until you stay for aback to of his house and then stays around. " " They are constantly monitoring about you, so do not hesitate to call them. " " gold Ermer see that his Wizard "n. " It's good to see you healed and healthy again Manilon ". " You must know all, just the battle to fight, not only will more than s here. " " all you should care for others, never doubt the capacity of its s to fight every battle "to win. as usual, no goodbyes obsolete, the angels are gone, as fast as arrive, with the exception of Augustine and Daniel, n o Thomas and his group men. Opening a door between the areas of Daniel , the group was as Augustine followed through. Gold Ermer Manilon and stood with arms around each other. n as the corrugated bye to enter the courtyard of the hacienda, the first words he said came from Jerry: "Wow ! "" Angel, good wizards, evil sorcerers, demons, traveling between rich, what a run n '. Thomas, Benjamin, and other Rifted to your comment. "I think Jerry enjoyed our last adventure. " " We the people enjoyed, which was quite surprising to see what to do next ? " Robin, Glen, Darin, and Larry said they were for a horse is relaxing Ride, while Bill Thomas, David, Lucas, Ponso, Sam said he went swimming. Jerry, Walt, Gavin, and Brad wanted to sit and a cold beer in the well. laughs, Kentucky Arnold suggests going to change his pants. " smartass, I'll just remove them and Toplist Statistika throw them in the laundry and go swimming n looked down from the shoulder to Toplist Statistika Arnold, he said last n in a donkey back, just before that ran with Arnold chasing. " Gordon, Jeremy, Ken, Alan, and Sparkle wanted a tour of the flag and was easy to sit and relax. ? Benjamin winked, Mike says he wants to " Come Toplist Statistika into the kitchen and see what can meet for dinner," With a broad smile, said Mike "I'm on my way to something Benjamin special in mind ? " " No, I was hoping that was sOMe ideas. " " Well, actually, I will. " " I was hoping you'd say, go for it Mike I can not help all that I can use to arrive. " Mean while Jerry was there alone," I think so, I'll go swimming to with others and thought to himself : "How on earth can be all that No relaxing of what just happened. " Jonathan came into view just say, " get used to Jerry, things pretty wild around here sometimes, but all work together, and Whatever the challenge for us. " " you and the others are now an important part of our family. " " can you teach me to do that? " " do what you Jerry? " " disappear and it seems like you and Sparkle. " " Sure, it's not too difficult to learn, we wondered if anyone ask. " To be continued :
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